Elmwood Manor Apartments and Townhouses

Thank You to Our Wonderful Staff!

A big “thank you” to Shelia from Elmwood Manor for this heartfelt note about our amazing staff and an even bigger “thank you” to the maintenance staff who go above and beyond – shout out to Nancy and Kari!

“I am writing this note to let you know how much I appreciate the consistently excellent work of your maintenance team; particularly two individuals, Nancy and Kari.

I transferred from a townhouse to a 1-bedroom apartment and hired a moving company to move the big things I was unable to move on my own. I moved everything else on my own, which was quite a bit more than I anticipated, and it took me a day and a half, this past Sunday being the last day of moving all of my belongings.

As you know, the Lilac Festival is in full swing, making my move extremely strenuous. I was making long trips to transport my belongings from my car to my new apartment on the 3rd floor, and I had to move everything coming in the backway, which is a longer stair climb than from the front.

To my surprise, Nancy and Kari just started unloading and carrying my belongings up to my new apartment; I was basically in a state of shock (wow, there are good people in the world)! I insisted that they did not have to do this, but they insisted otherwise. I have wrote in the past to tell you how much I appreciate your maintenance staff and I mean it when I tell you that they are the reason I renewed my lease.

It’s unfortunate when employees are overlooked, not recognized for their stellar job performance, or are just simply taken for granted. Helping a tenant move is not part of their job description; it’s going way above and beyond the call of duty. This happened yesterday and I’m hoping it will not go unnoticed by Konar Properties.

It was such a big help and “thank you” just didn’t seem to be enough. It was the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received, and by strangers no less. WOW, just wow! I am so thankful and thankful I chose the right place to live.

Thank you for hiring such a tremendous staff!”

-Sheila A