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When I made the decision to get my own place, my priority was safety. Recommended by my cousin who lived here in the past, I toured Elmwood Manor and signed that very day. Not only did I feel safe but I felt as though I was a part of a community.

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There is always someone available - whether you have a question for the leasing staff or need help from the maintenance department. LindsayFor example, I returned home from a run on Christmas morning and discovered that I had lost my keys! Someone was at my door within minutes to let me in and get me a new set. What I love most about Elmwood Manor is the location. It's great that my friends and I can walk over to the Lilac Festival; however what's even better is that Highland Park is basically my backyard year round. I love that I border so many great neighborhoods in the city of Rochester - I have discovered more unique and different places while living here than ever before. I've recommended Elmwood Manor to family and friends, and I would recommend it to you!

The Vigon Family

We relocated to Rochester from Chicago for my husband's residency at URMC about three years ago. We chose a townhouse, and it has been the perfect place to start a family.


The rooms are spacious, the neighborhood is beautiful, and it's wonderful having Highland Park so nearby – we take our children there all the time. The proximity to the hospital also minimizes my husband's commute so he can spend as much time with our family as possible. Having our own garage and laundry room is incredibly convenient – especially in the winter. The open concept makes it really easy to keep an eye on the kids while I'm preparing dinner, and keeps the whole unit feeling open and airy. It's also spacious enough for the kids to play and for us to still have our own living space. And, as someone who loves to cook, I can say that the kitchen is very well laid out – I've easily prepared Thanksgiving dinner for extended family and friends while we've lived here. We've loved living here, and would highly recommend it!

The Thrasher Family

Thrasher family

We moved here from San Diego, so my husband Jason could study computer forensics at Rochester Institute of Technology. He'll be graduating in May and we would just love to stay in our townhouse providing he can find work in network security here.

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Rochester is a very family friendly City. We enjoy Highland Park. Thrasher FamilyIt is such a beautiful walk and the Lilac Festival every spring right in our back yard is wonderful! And there is Wegmans... I just never want to move from this area. The Brighton library is right down the road and we visit it regularly. I actually home school my children but I do know that the Brighton School District is one of the best in the nation. If we ever change our minds about home schooling, we would have no problem placing our children in Brighton schools.

Chris and Ashley

Chris and Ashley

We've lived at Elmwood Manor for just under a year, and moved here from downtown Rochester. The location is so perfect! We're barely outside the city and have the beauty, safety, and convenience of the suburbs.

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The grounds are picturesque and very well maintained, we feel safe going for a stroll and walking to and from our car, and parking is a cinch. Our location also makes it easy to get back to our old stomping grounds or explore farther afield. At home, we love the hardwood floors and how roomy the one-bedroom apartment feels. We can easily share space and still have privacy. The living room is spacious enough to easily accommodate a couch and media console, in addition to a large desk where we can both work (a necessity because we're both grad students!). Having a laundry room on site is wonderful, too. We had to lug our baskets to a laundromat at our previous residence. Also, in addition to ample closet space, being able to keep rarely-used items like luggage, old text books, and out-of season clothes in our storage room really helps to maximize our space. Moving to Elmwood Manor was an excellent choice for our lifestyle.

Charlene and Chet

Charlene and Chet

We love living here! The management and staff do a nice job taking care of this place. If anything goes wrong, one phone call and they take care of our problem right away.

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They do things for us too like organize car washes and a summertime yard sale. We enjoy meeting our neighbors and the staff's efforts make that happen. We moved here from Maine a few years ago to be closer to our family and we haven't regretted living in this community at all. Charlene and ChetIt's a beautiful area too, right next to Highland Park. The annual Lilac Festival is truely wonderful and don't forget the Rib Fest. We've been spoiled here!