Four Stylish Ways to Display Houseplants

Wall planters in an apartment. Image credit: Wendy Wei

February 2021

Sure, you can just place a potted houseplant on a side table or countertop and they’ll do fine. But if you’d like your plants to accentuate your décor, consider some of these more design-oriented ways to display your plants.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great because they don’t take up the floor space of traditional display shelves. If you have a wall that receives adequate sunlight for your plants, consider installing some floating shelves and filling them with plants. If you have plants that cascade down (such as golden pothos, English ivy, or string of nickels) it will look like you have living wall.

Wall-Mounted Planter

If you’d like to get your plants up on the wall but don’t want to use a floating shelf, there are many options for wall-mounted planters. If you use multiple planters, it’s easy to arrange the height and placement of each to create an array that wouldn’t be possible with shelves.

Indoor Trellis

While trellises are more commonly used in outdoor gardens, you can find them designed specifically to be used indoors. These are essentially a large planter with a trellis that climbing plants can use for support as they grow. With the right type of plant (such as devil’s ivy, inch plants, or creeping fig), you can end up with a living wall that can be used as a room divider in your apartment.

Open-Backed Bookshelf

Another option to create a living wall or room divider is to use an open-backed bookshelf and fill it entirely with plants. Taking this approach, you don’t have to wait for climbing plants to fill a trellis, you can just place appropriately-sized plants on each shelf to create your wall of green.