Moving to Rochester, NY?

Start out on the right foot.

No matter where you’ve lived, when you move to a new city, there’s a learning curve. For many, it’s a starting over in many ways. From getting around to getting to know people, relocating can be a challenge that lasts for months or years. To help you get your feet under you in Rochester, NY, here are some tips from a community that’s been called home by hundreds of new and temporary Rochesterians over the years.

Research the right Rochester. Before you dive into your research into everything Rochester, you need this vital piece of information. There’s a Rochester in Minnesota, and Google will be happy to tell you all about it. Be sure to add “NY” or “New York” to all your Rochester-related online searches.

Use the city’s website. The City of Rochester has a hand in a remarkable number of events, programs, and resources you’ll want to know about. If a search lands you at, you’re probably looking at something legitimate and useful.

Grab some groceries. While there’s no shortage of grocery-store options in the ROC, if you want to be part of an instant family, start shopping at Wegmans. The love locals have for their hometown grocery chain is recognized nationwide, and you can be part of the club. To see what all the hype is out, visit the flagship store in Pittsford Plaza.

Plan your parking. Parking in Rochester can be less than pleasant. Meters have yet to be consistently modernized, so depending on where you’re parking, you might need to type in your license plate number, put a tag on your dash, or deposit a lot of quarters. More importantly, there’s this thing called alternate-side parking. The side of the street you can park on in the city switches from day to day. If you don’t move your car for the change-over, you could get a ticket or a tow.

Investigate internet options. Rochester, New York, has woefully few internet service providers to choose from. One of them – Greenlight Networks – stands head and shoulders (and knees and toes) above the rest. Customers who can get Greenlight love its fast speeds and reliable connections. But expansion has been slow, so homes either have access or don’t. If you care about your internet connection, do some research before you sign a lease. Here at Elmwood Manor, Greenlight internet is included in the rent!

Plan for winter. Unless you’re moving from Canada or Buffalo, chances are you’ll need to procure some additional cold-weather gear before you’re ready for an Upstate New York winter. Thanks to Rochester’s proximity to Lake Ontario, the icy wind and lake-effect snow here are no joke. You’ll want to invest in some serious boots, ski gloves, and a coat with wind-stopping power. An apartment rental where maintenance takes care of snow and ice removal is a plus.