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9 Ways to Add Color to Your Apartment

Yellow chair in living room. Image credit: Kam Idris

January 2023


There are lots of great benefits to living in an apartment or townhome. Someone else clears the snow, cuts the lawn, and fixes things when they’re broken. But if your creative side wishes you could paint the walls some bright and exciting color, that’s unfortunately a no-no. But we’re not here to crush your spirit. We’re here to share some creative ways you can bring color into your apartment.


If you want to introduce a specific color to a room, choose wall art that makes bold use of that color. For inspiration, Google Mark Rothko, the abstract painter that created large “color field” paintings featuring blocks of color.

Throw Pillows

Pillows aren’t just good for taking a couch nap, they’ll add color to your apartment. If your couch is patterned, you probably want solid pillows. Patterned pillows work well on a solid couch. Pillows are also a good way to add texture. Give some thought to whether you want a smooth fabric, something fluffy, a thick weave, etc.


Look at any room in your apartment and the furniture will probably be the biggest thing in it.  While most people pick neutral colors for things like a couch, side chair, bed, or dining table, you don’t have to. You can quickly establish the dominant color in a room through your furniture.

Temporary Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is available in an endless array of colors and patterns. And that includes solid colors that will make it look like you painted. Just make sure you choose a product that’s easily removeable.

Wall Decals

Peel and stick removable decals won’t cost as much or be as tricky to install as temporary wallpaper but can really bring color to a room. These often feature a graphic design or inspirational words in a variety of colors.


This ancient form of textile art dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. These large woven fabrics were often used to provide a decorative cover for interior stone walls. While you can buy tapestries, you can also make your own by having a large piece of decorative fabric cut to size.


Typically, the smaller the rug, the bolder you can be about color. And if you’re dealing with a room that’s already carpeted, you can still add an area rug. Layering rugs has been a hot design trend for several years.


While your color choices are limited (shades of green, pink, purple, and red), plants add color. And the larger the plant, the more dominant its color becomes.

Colored Lights

Not every lightbulb is white. Using a colored bulb in a small accent lamp can have a big impact on the color in a room. There are also loads of options for colored LED and projected lights that can be great for bedrooms.