Happy woman outside near trees


Happy woman outside near trees

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

November 2022   Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many people because rather than focusing on presents, decorations, or parties, it’s simply about remembering the things…

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Moving truck on the street outside an apartment. Image credit: HandiworkNYC

How to Pack a Moving Truck

October 2022 Hiring movers is certainly convenient, but it’s a luxury not everyone can afford. Most people just rent a truck and ask some friends…

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Heads of garlic in a basket. Image credit: Dagmara Dombrovska

Storing Garlic

September 2022   If you do any amount of cooking in your apartment or townhome, chances are you have some garlic. And unless you go…

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Photograph of the Children's Pavilion at Highland Park.

Fun Historical Facts About Highland Park

  August 2022   Born Out of a Nursery In 1888, Mount Hope Nurseries was considered the largest nursery in the world at 650 acres….

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Photo of the Lilac Adventure Zone at Highland Park

One Park, Two Playgrounds

July 2022   Living at Elmwood Manor means having easy access to Highland Park. At 110 years old, it is one of the oldest and…

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Man using a hammer to pound a picture hanger into a wall. Image credit: Anete Lusina

The Perfect Apartment Toolbox

June 2022   One of the great things about living in an apartment is that someone else (i.e. Elmwood Manor) takes care of all the…

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Small outdoor patio decorated in cottage style. Image credit: Rachel Claire

A Guide to Cottage Style Décor

May 2022 Cottage style is all about creating that warm, welcome, casual feel. If you love curling up with a good book, relaxing with a…

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Small piles of spices. Image credit: Engin Akyurt

Turn Up the Heat with the Spice Project

April 2022   The Spice Project is one of Elmwood Manor’s tastiest VIP Program partners. That means residents can get 15% off their entire purchase….

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Graphic image of strawberries

Storing Fresh Strawberries

March 2022   We’ve all been there. The fresh strawberries at the grocery store look amazing. But a couple of days after you’ve brought them…

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Woman storing pantry items on a shelf. Image credit: Karolina Grabowska

The Declutter Mindset

February 2022 Whether you’re daunted by the idea of decluttering your apartment or raring to get going, organizing and keeping things that way are all…

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2022 Design Trends feature image

This Year’s Décor Trends

January 2022   You might wonder, what exactly drives a trend? Experts say you do. What society needs emotionally directly impacts the design esthetics that…

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Man wiping a kitchen counter. Image: RODNAE Productions

Your Winter Cleaning Checklist

December 2021   Sure, you’ve heard of people doing their spring cleaning but what about a winter cleaning? There are quite a few things in…

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