Gray cat laying on an upholstered chair. Image credit: Tan Danh


Gray cat laying on an upholstered chair. Image credit: Tan Danh

Cat Friendly Fabrics

September 2023   Our feline companions bring immeasurable joy and warmth to our lives, but they can also be quite mischievous when it comes to…

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Mother talking to young girl. Image credit: Ketut Subiyanto.

Preparing Kids for a Move

August 2023   While moving to a new place means lots of changes and planning for adults, it can be particularly challenging for kids. A…

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Vendor handing a woman an apple at a farmers market. Image credit: Erik Scheel.

Say Farewell to Fruit Flies!

July 2023   It’s that wonderful time of year in Rochester when we get to indulge in the delicious locally grown produce that’s only available…

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Living room decorated in a maxamilist style. Image credit: Step Wilson

Maximalism: The Décor Style That Celebrates Who You Are

June 2023,   While you’ve certainly heard of minimalism as a design style, you may not be as familiar with maximalism. It takes a more-is-better…

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Woman holding a pillow and looking out a window

Five Mental Health Upgrades for Your Apartment or Townhome

May 2023   You may have never considered it, but interior design can be a pretty powerful tool in supporting your mental health. Your living…

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Woman watering a houseplant. Image credit: Vlada Karpovitch

Keeping Plants Watered While You’re Away

April 2023   One of the nice things about living at Elmwood Manor is its park-like setting and the many beautiful trees to be enjoyed….

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Living room of a one-bedroom apartment at Elmwood Manor

How to Reduce Your Renter’s Insurance Premiums

March 2023   Many of our residents have renter’s insurance to protect the personal property in their apartment or townhome. It’s not required, but depending…

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Humidifier on a nightstand next to a sleeping man.

It’s Time to Clean Your Humidifier

February 2023   Winter in Rochester means cold weather, which means your heat runs more often, which means the air in your apartment or townhome…

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Yellow chair in living room. Image credit: Kam Idris

9 Ways to Add Color to Your Apartment

January 2023   There are lots of great benefits to living in an apartment or townhome. Someone else clears the snow, cuts the lawn, and…

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Two gifts wrapped in brown paper and greenery. Image credit: Ylanite Koppens

5 Great Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 2022   If you’re giving anyone a present this holiday season, chances are that you’ll wrap it in some way. While you may think…

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Happy woman outside near trees

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

November 2022   Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many people because rather than focusing on presents, decorations, or parties, it’s simply about remembering the things…

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Moving truck on the street outside an apartment. Image credit: HandiworkNYC

How to Pack a Moving Truck

October 2022 Hiring movers is certainly convenient, but it’s a luxury not everyone can afford. Most people just rent a truck and ask some friends…

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