Area Activity Guide: History Happy Hour

Imbibe & Explore

Has the winter kept you from enjoying Thursday nights as part of the weekend? Or perhaps you could just use an activity a little more cozy than trivia. Well, if you take any interest in “the dark, often absurd, aspects of history” or in singularly crafted cocktails, you’ll want to pull up a chair at this new series. Presented by the Rochester Brainery at Nox Cocktail Lounge and taught by historian Maya Rook, History Happy Hour is a chance to learn about the past while drinking a glass from the present. The $20 ticket will get you one happy-hour or non-alcoholic drink of your choice, half an hour of mingling, and one hour of captivating curriculum.

History Happy Hour Schedule

Each Thursday-evening session starts at 6:30 and ends at 8. Register on the Brainery website.

About the Venue

What setting would be better suited to sipping your way through shadowy corners of history than “a secret library of cocktails & comfort food hidden inside the Village Gate?” If just that place didn’t already exist in Rochester, the Brainery might have had to stage their own. Fortunately, Nox has already curated the ideal atmosphere for getting comfortable while you dig into exploration or conversation. It’s the kind of place where you’ll quickly feel at home, and where hours can slip by unnoticed. The craft cocktails and comfort food will help you settle in. Should you choose to stay for dinner after class, you’ll get 10% off.

About the Teacher

Maya Rook is a historian, artist, and writer living in Rochester, NY. She holds an MA in American History from the University at Albany and seeks to better understand the human mind and heart through the practice of history. As a college instructor and public speaker, Maya strives to blend critical insight with humor and empathy in her investigations of the past. Maya brings to this discussion a lifetime of engaging with various meditation practices, as well as insight into the inner workings of the mindfulness movement through her hands-on experience of working and volunteering with one of the largest Buddhist organizations in the west.