Area Activity Guide: The Royale

Boxing Action Onstage

If you enjoy the drama and humanity of “Orange is the New Black” and “Sons of Anarchy,” then you’ll love the live-action drama about to unfold on the Fielding Stage at Geva April 17 – 28. “The Royale” was created by Marco Ramirez, a writer on both of the aforementioned hit shows. A simple stage setup draws spectators close to the action for the story of Jay “The Sport” Jackson, which is based on true events. The boxer wants to be the heavyweight champion of the world, but there’s more than the current titleholder standing in his way in 1905 America. Presented in partnership with Ithaca’s Kitchen Theatre, every element of “The Royale”, from costuming and set design to sound and lighting, is designed to entertain and enthrall, adding up to an unexpected delight for Rochester audiences.

Run Time: 70 minutes

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