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Chris and Ashley

We’ve lived at Elmwood Manor for just under a year, and moved here from downtown Rochester. The location is so perfect! We’re barely outside the city and have the beauty, safety, and convenience of the suburbs.

The grounds are picturesque and very well maintained, we feel safe going for a stroll and walking to and from our car, and parking is a cinch. Our location also makes it easy to get back to our old stomping grounds or explore farther afield. At home, we love the hardwood floors and how roomy the one-bedroom apartment feels. We can easily share space and still have privacy. The living room is spacious enough to easily accommodate a couch and media console, in addition to a large desk where we can both work (a necessity because we’re both grad students!). Having a laundry room on site is wonderful, too. We had to lug our baskets to a laundromat at our previous residence. Also, in addition to ample closet space, being able to keep rarely-used items like luggage, old text books, and out-of season clothes in our storage room really helps to maximize our space. Moving to Elmwood Manor was an excellent choice for our lifestyle.