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Five Mental Health Upgrades for Your Apartment or Townhome

Woman holding a pillow and looking out a window

May 2023


You may have never considered it, but interior design can be a pretty powerful tool in supporting your mental health. Your living spaces can have a huge impact on your mental health, so let’s dive into some fun changes you can make to your Elmwood Manor apartment or townhome that’ll amp up your happiness levels.

Natural Light

It’s not just a pretty sight, it’s the ultimate mood lifter That’s because it helps regulate serotonin – a chemical in the central nervous system – that impacts your mood. So, make the most of those windows by flinging open the blinds or curtains during the day. If you’re worried about privacy, go for some sheer draperies.

Fresh Air

The phrase “like a breath of fresh air” couldn’t be more true in this case. Keep your windows open whenever possible to let that crisp breeze flow through your apartment. Oh, and did you know that houseplants are like little air-cleaning superheroes? They literally purify the air! So, get your green thumb on and bring some leafy buddies into your space. And if you have allergies, try getting a portable air purifier to clear the air year-round.


Here’s a nifty trick: repeating objects, patterns, or textures in your décor can actually boost your mood. It’s like giving your brain a high-five! Repetition makes things more logical and predictable, making it easier for our brains to process. Asymmetry – when things don’t match – can throw your brain for a loop and leave you feeling a tad unsettled. Let’s keep those vibes harmonious!


There’s actually a psychology to color choice because different colors evoke different emotions. If you’re stressed or anxious, go for serene shades like light blue, light green, or calming gray. Bright colors like yellow and orange are associated with joy, happiness, and energy. But if you’re craving joy, happiness, and energy, unleash the power of bright colors like sunny yellow or vibrant orange. Of course, personal preference matters too, so take a good look at the dominant colors in your space and see how they’re impacting your mood.

Bring Out Your Hobbies

Having a hobby is a great way to spark joy? And guess what? You can incorporate your hobby into your décor. Display your creations or the tools of your trade throughout your apartment or townhome. That way, your passion is always front and center, even when you’re not actively pursuing it. It’s like a constant reminder of the things that make you happy, and that’s a major mood booster!