Four Housewarming Party Games

Party snacks, party hats, and a sparkler.


September 2021


Having a housewarming party after moving into your apartment or townhome is a great way to show off your new place and introduce your various friends to each other. Themed party games can really help. They’re a great way for people who don’t know each other that well to break the ice. And they’ll help make sure your party is more than just an endless parade of tours. Here are four fun games to consider.

Scavenger hunt

A great way to have guests tour your apartment without you needing to give those tours is a scavenger hunt. You can ask guests to find answers to questions all around your new home, décor, and even around the Elmwood Manor neighborhood.

Memory game

Divide your friends into small teams. Pick a room and give each group two or three minutes in that room. When they exit, ask them to write down as many items they remember. The group with the most correct answers wins.

Famous house game

Print out pictures of houses made famous by a TV show or movie. See how many guests can guess which house belongs to which show.

Stealing keys

As each guest arrives, give them a house key. You can buy inexpensive blank keys or decorative keys on Amazon. In advance pick two or three “keywords” (like apartment, home, move, etc.) that you share with your guests when you give them their key. During the party, anytime a guest says one of the keywords, any other guest can steal their key(s). The guest who ends up with the most keys wins.