Ideas for Dividing a Studio Apartment

Chinese rice paper room divider

September 2020

Having a studio apartment doesn’t necessarily mean living in one room. There are many ways to subdivide your space and make it feel like multiple rooms. While it may not make the physical space any larger, it will change your whole mental perspective.

Shelves as Walls

There’s no law that says your shelves have to be placed against the wall. Any shelf, from a large bookshelf to a smaller display shelf, can be used to sub-divide a space. Open shelving – the type without a back – works particularly well. Since you can see through the shelving, it keeps things feeling open while still acting as a divider.

Drapes Aren’t Just for Windows

Hanging fabric is a great way to section off a portion of your space. This works particularly well around a bed. Since curtains are made to be hung, and there are so many hardware choices, they’re a natural for this type of divider. Also, depending on the color or pattern you select, they can really add personality to your space.

Your Magical Couch

A couch can be a comfortable place to hang out while also creating a living room. Rather than placing yours against the wall, move your couch to an open area and let it becomes the wall. One requirement is having a couch with a backside that looks as good as the front.

Hang it Up

Room dividers don’t have to take up floor space. Anything that can be hung from the ceiling with wire or a heavy gauge fishing line can divide your space. An old window, a vintage shadow box, two posters back-to-back, a large sheet of foam-core board you decorate with photos…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Let Color Define the Space

Creating distinct spaces doesn’t necessarily mean using physical dividers. Using distinct, but complimentary, colors in each space will establish tonal boundaries. Manage color through small area rugs, cushions, pillows, furniture, accessories, and even artwork.

And Yes, Room Dividers

We certainly couldn’t leave room dividers off the list. And while they’re an obvious option, the key is finding the right one. Do you go tall or short? How about a Japanese rice paper screen, or a gilded antique divider? Do some online detective work and find one that will not only divide your space, but become a showpiece expression of your style.