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Maximalism: The Décor Style That Celebrates Who You Are

Living room decorated in a maxamilist style. Image credit: Step Wilson

June 2023,


While you’ve certainly heard of minimalism as a design style, you may not be as familiar with maximalism. It takes a more-is-better approach that often blends an eclectic mix of patterns, colors, textures, and objects. It’s also about showing off all your favorite things. So, if you have a bold personality and don’t want to hide it, maximalism could be the perfect fit for your apartment or townhome.

Start by thinking of yourself as a curator, collecting and showcasing all the things you love. More than other design styles, a maximalist room should truly reflect who you are.

Some common elements of maximalism include:

  • Bold colors – think bright and saturated.
  • Mixed patterns – like animal prints, geometric shapes, or florals.
  • Ornate accents – the more embellishments, the better.
  • Layering items – take everything you love and layer, layer, layer.
  • Large attention-getting statement pieces – just keep it to one or two.
  • Combinations of styles – like abstract art with French provincial furniture.

People who decorate in this style, sometimes say they’re never finished decorating. As you acquire new things you love, work them into a room. If it’s starting to feel like there’s too much chaos, remove some older things you’re not as fond of. The idea is to create what some designers call “thoughtlines” or common themes that tie the wild mix of things together. For example, you might mix furniture styles, but all your pieces are the same type of wood or fabric. Or all your wall art is all one type – like all landscapes, or all modern art. It’s those common themes that let you mix items and styles in a way that creates style, rather than chaos.

At Elmwood Manor, we love it when our residents personalize their apartments and townhomes. Being intentional about how a space looks can make a big difference in how you feel when you’re in it. And regardless of your favorite design style, the most important thing is that you enjoy where you live and it feels like home.