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The Vigon Family

Elmwood Manor Residents Vigon FamilyWe relocated to Rochester from Chicago for my husband’s residency at URMC about three years ago. We chose a townhouse, and it has been the perfect place to start a family.

The rooms are spacious, the neighborhood is beautiful, and it’s wonderful having Highland Park so nearby – we take our children there all the time. The proximity to the hospital also minimizes my husband’s commute so he can spend as much time with our family as possible. Having our own garage and laundry room is incredibly convenient – especially in the winter. The open concept makes it really easy to keep an eye on the kids while I’m preparing dinner, and keeps the whole unit feeling open and airy. It’s also spacious enough for the kids to play and for us to still have our own living space. And, as someone who loves to cook, I can say that the kitchen is very well laid out – I’ve easily prepared Thanksgiving dinner for extended family and friends while we’ve lived here. We’ve loved living here, and would highly recommend it!