Your Winter Cleaning Checklist

Man wiping a kitchen counter. Image: RODNAE Productions

December 2021


Sure, you’ve heard of people doing their spring cleaning but what about a winter cleaning? There are quite a few things in your apartment or townhome that don’t require regularly cleaning so they can easily be forgotten. And if you plan on doing any entertaining over the holidays, a winter cleaning can help make sure you’re proud of your home. To help, we’ve created a list for you. Sorry it’s so long (you don’t have to do them all).

One thing before you start: declutter. Nothing can hinder your cleaning more than a lot of things that haven’t been put away. Before you even start your winter cleaning, do some decluttering.

  • Bedding – wash your sheets and blankets. Clean your mattress.
  • Wash pillows
  • Vacuum and/or mop behind dressers, nightstands and under the bed
  • Disinfect toothbrush holders
  • Change out toothbrushes
  • Wash shower curtains
  • Replace curtain liner if needed
  • Wash bathmats
  • Clean oven
  • Wipe down microwave
  • Refrigerator – empty and wipe down. Vacuum behind your refrigerator
  • Drawers and cupboards – empty out,  wipe down, and get rid of items you never use
Living Room
  • Vacuum furniture – don’t forgot the bottom and spot clean upholstery where needed
  • Clean the back side of electronics
  • Wash pillows
  • Disinfect remotes
  • Wash walls – use a Magic Eraser to get off marks
  • Wash baseboards – dust loves to collect on the top edge
  • Closets – empty out, wipe down, and get rid of things you don’t really need.
  • Garbage cans and wastebaskets – wash and disinfect
  • Clean windows
  • Vacuum or wash curtains/blinds
  • Shampoo rugs/carpets
  • Wash small rugs