Bed with a pink duvet. Image credit: Cat Common


Bed with a pink duvet. Image credit: Cat Common

Color Psychology and Your Décor

November 2021   Color Psychology is a theory of how each color affects a person’s mood, productivity, and creativity. When a person is surrounded by calming…

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Bowl of shallots on a table

What’s a Shallot? Can’t I Just Use an Onion?

October 2021   If you like to cook, you probably have onions in your pantry. And if you cook a lot, you probably have both…

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Party snacks, party hats, and a sparkler.

Four Housewarming Party Games

  September 2021   Having a housewarming party after moving into your apartment or townhome is a great way to show off your new place…

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Green velour couch. Photo credit: Phillip Goldsberry

How to Clean & Sanitize Secondhand Furniture

August 2021 Maybe you love vintage furniture, garage sales, or are just on a tight budget. Whatever the reason, finding that perfect piece of new-to-you…

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Two boys using water squirters to push plastic cups along a string.

Apartment-Friendly Water Games For Summer

July 2021 Outside water games are a great way to keep your kids both cool and active when the weather gets hot. While it’s easy…

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Package of plant-based dryer sheets

Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

June 2021 Chances are you put a dryer sheet in with every load of laundry you dry, but did you know there are lots of…

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Photo of cat sleeping on a cat bed

Life With a Cat…and Allergies

May 2021 Cats and apartments just seem to go well together. Cats don’t need a lot of space or activity and can provide plenty of…

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Woman sitting in bed drinking coffee and working on a laptop. Photo credit Andrea Piacquadio

Why You Should Clean Your Mattress (and How)

April 2021 Sure, you regularly wash your bedding. Isn’t that enough? Almost. If you think about it, you spend countless hours on your mattress. Over…

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Reusable Water Bottles FB

How Often Do You Wash Your Water Bottle (or Straw)?

March 2021  It’s great that so many people are helping to reduce landfill waste by using water bottles and reusable straws. If you’re one of…

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Wall planters in an apartment. Image credit: Wendy Wei

Four Stylish Ways to Display Houseplants

February 2021 Sure, you can just place a potted houseplant on a side table or countertop and they’ll do fine. But if you’d like your…

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Photo of a tabletop indoor fountain and a houseplant

Humidify Your Apartment (Without a Humidifier)

  January 2021 During our cold Rochester winters, the furnace runs a lot, which reduces the humidity in your apartment. That can lead to dry…

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VIP Program Spotlight Thimble Tailor FB

VIP Program Spotlight: Thimble Tailor

December 2020 Not every article of clothing fits just right from the start. If you’re looking to alter, adjust, or modify the clothes you’ve been…

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